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 Meet The Owner

Kastin Lewis the CEO and founder BodyKCare. Created her company during the pandemic. Before selling, Kastin enjoyed making her products as a hobby. She then started selling just to family and friends and began taking the business further on by getting an LLC, starting a website, and attending amazing pop ups showcasing her products. BodyKCare has showcased products at phenomenal events like BlackOnTheBlock, BeverlyCenterxWGirlsLA, Delamo Mall, LA's Black Excellence Market, PopUpSeries, and many more. BodyKCare products is all natural and handmade. Benefits the skin by keeping it hydrated, moisturized, preventing acne, treating eczema, growth and more. With the support of others BodyKCare has been able to grow in so many ways that we will keep improving and bringing in new items. With that being said thank you to all who show love and support !